Fiesta Dinnerware

    We are getting several Overrun & Blemished Fiesta shipments this year! These items are sorted by the Factory, and then by us to insure the BEST selection, all at the attractive pricing you have come to expect from Zanesville Pottery! We can boast that our company has been an account of Homer Laughlin since 1953, insuring a long-term relationship of quality and trust which is unsurpassed by anyone else. The factory has in place some Guidelines for all vendors, one of which is we can’t put any Fiesta online anymore. Evidently there are some unscrupulous dealers out there who misrepresent, selling Overruns & Blemished Fiesta as First Quality at point-of-sale or mailorder.  But, as you know, our reputation is second-to-none, our pricing reasonable, and our selection top-notch! You can certainly call and we will fill you in on what we have in stock and current pricing. If you want your items shipped, we sort closely and will be happy to figure total price and get it on it’s way quickly!