About Us

Rich clay deposits in Southeastern Ohio made a perfect base for pottery making by the pioneers. They made practical items for use in home and work from this natural resource. As the industry grew, skilled workers produced dinnerware, crocks, storage jars, and tile. Our company, Zanesville Pottery, was formed in 1945 along Route 40 as a small “outlet” store representing the local factories in the area. In 1953, the current family’s father bought the business and continued to run it in that location for another 14 years. In 1967, the business was relocated to face the newly built Interstate 70 which bypassed the old Route 40 location. Here the business grew and other family members became involved in the operation.

Pottery remains our core business. There was a shift several years ago and the domestic pottery industry declined. Consumers changed they way they bought. We diversified, broadening our focus more towards a world pottery market.  Select American-made ceramics are still stocked when available, and since 1953 have always carried West Virginia-made Fiesta dinnerware. But we cannot rely totally on Ohio or domestic produced wares anymore. We now have upscale International pottery obtained from countries such as Poland, Portugal, Thailand, Italy, and Africa. We also direct import full containers from Mexico for distribution here in the states.

In our store you can find everything from  from birdbaths to artisan glassware, We offer wholesale services for resellers, and we supply landscapers, restaurants and floral shops. You can also purchase our products online on marketplaces such as eBay, or right over the phone. We pride ourselves in finding world sources for new and exciting pottery, glass, china, and just about anything else you can think of.  We do NOT carry Antiques. We do not appraise old pottery, nor are we a flea market. Our buildings are filled with oversize urns, stained-finish planters. and vivid color pottery from many countries. We’re a landmark for travelers and pottery lovers alike who enjoy browsing through our bright and spacious retail layout. We also have a viewable in-house production studio where our popular resident potter offers classes in turning, glazing, and firing.

At Zanesville Pottery, our goal is to exceed our customers expectations in quality, value, and service, as we’ve done for over 70 years!

We’re a landmark for travelers and pottery lovers alike…

We’re a visit you will definitely want to repeat!