Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see any of the old pottery items like you used to have. Why is that?
Keyword here is “OLD”!  All those suppliers, and those items they produced, are long gone. The market has changed, and most of those former items are way outdated and have run their course. There are only a couple of local manufacturers left, and very few domestic suppliers as well. If we had to rely on local or domestic producers only, we would not be in business. Pottery is still our core, but not specific to this country only. We are not your Grandma’s pottery store, nor are we an “Antique Shop”. Our business has moved forward and diversified to find fantastic lines worldwide.
But we heard you have rooms of ‘Seconds’!

Actually, we never had rooms of ‘seconds’, and how that rumor got started we don’t know! Years ago, the factories had large selections of overruns and blemished seconds they would sell on a regular basis, and we were able to buy truckloads of selected items and offer them at extreme discounts. You have to remember, factories don’t try to make ‘seconds’, that’s not their bread and butter. With the demise of most of the pottery factories, and with more stringent quality control, plus the need for the producer to make money where ever they can, the seconds market has trickled way down. Also, the domestic producer now does not want to even sell those at an extreme discount anymore, so gone are the days when we could ‘drive around’ and load up with truckloads of discounted pottery items. We do still buy pallets of slightly blemished in the Fiesta Dinnerware though (since 1953!), but it’s availability that regulates that supply. We also have loads of contacts who call us on occasion with large selections of closeout & discontinued pottery items, so we still get a great selection of quality goods that we can offer for a lot less than other stores, up to 60% off regular pricing!

Where is your online ordering/shopping cart?

We do not have a shopping cart. Everything online, usually over 100 items, is listed in our ‘Ebay Store’ link at the top of our homepage. This way we can display a multitude of items that you can order quickly and safely! We do ship every day UPS and truck freight, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us via phone or email

Can you appraise / sell my piece of old pottery?

We are not an Antique dealer, nor are we into old items at all, so we really have no idea how much it is worth. Your best bet is to ask a reputable pottery antique dealer such as Mathews Antiques ( located close to us, or check for a similar line on or other online sources..

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do. Most on a cash and carry basis. Please click “Wholesale/Dealers” for more information, call 800-860-6456, or email us at

Do you manufacture anything?

Actually, we do! We have a manufacturing studio you can view when you are here, with true capability for custom smaller orders. We can design your items using our in-house 3-D printing technology. See what we can do under the “Other Services” header, then click “3D Printing”. There are also ongoing student classes with work in various stages of production. Call us if you would like more info about classes!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, MC, Visa, & Discover for your convenience.

Are you located right in Zanesville?

No, we are actually 8 miles/10 minutes EAST of the city along Interstate 70. Go to ‘Directions’ on our homepage to find exactly where we are, and DON’T GPS our address because it will take you on a wild goose chase! Enter these coordinates instead: 39.974147, 81.852499 to get a more accurate view.


Are there any days you are closed?

We are closed New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Of course, if it snows a lot, call first!

How far are you from…

Pittsburgh? 2 hours
Wheeling? 1 hour
Columbus? 1 hour
Cleveland? 3 hours
Cincinnati? 3 hours
Indianapolis? 5 hours

Is there lodging close by? What would you recommend?

The Best Western is 5 minutes away. There are also nice lodging establishments 10 minutes away in Zanesville, namely the Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, and Holiday Inn Express. If you are looking for Camping facilities, we recommend Wolfie’s Campground on the outskirts of Zanesville,


Flat paved parking, easy walk to 2 entrances.

Is there parking for Big Trucks, RV’s, Trailers, Buses?

Yes, plenty of parking for all mentioned!

Handicap OK?

Everything is flat and paved. Between our buildings there are transitions for wheelchairs and scooters. Our restrooms are not accessible, but there are accessible restrooms 150 feet from our parking lot at an adjacent business.

Is there other shopping available close by?

Yes, White Pillars Christmas House, White Pillars Antiques, Rocking Horse Primitives, Mathews Antiques, and Purple Haze & Sage are all within walking distance.

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