Other Services We Offer

In addition to our retail showroom location, we also offer the following services at Zanesville Pottery

Bus Tours

We are fully staffed most of the time to handle bus tour groups. Pre-booking is appreciated but not necessary if you are passing by. We have 12,000 square feet under roof, plus a studio where you can view ware in various stages of production from local artists. By appointment, an informational demonstration in the art of pottery making is available by one of the knowledgeable potters in the area. Concessions are given to Drivers and Hosts, and plenty of bus parking is available. Restrooms are not handicap accessible, but there are accessible restrooms close by if need be. There are also two other businesses to visit within walking distance.

We Broker Loads

DEALERS: WHOLESALE AVAILABLE. For over 20 years, our ZPI Inc. Import Company has been a major distributor for earthenware, glass, & consumer goods out of Mexico and can ship to any destination.  No deposits for orders under $5000. Preorder for Spring by Dec 31st. We will broker your entire load including US & Mexican customs with trailer load delivery to your dock. We also offer small loads for independent dealers. You may purchase one or a few pallets of ware to stay within your budget, and we will include it on our 28 or 53ft container orders. MEXICAN RESTAURANTS TAKE NOTE: We can broker your entire order of glassware and furnishings for your business at reasonable rates, or even just a few decorative items you need moved into the USA. Please contact us for details on any goods you need out of any Mexican State. Catalog & terms: Phone 740-872-3345, email info@zanesvillepottery.com

Shipping Services

We will pack and ship your items. We’ve been shipping items for years and we will pack for USPS, UPS, and FedEx Shipping. One carton or multiples, we have the facilities to safely box and ship quickly. If you have a large item or multiple large cartons that need to go on a pallet, we can do, with semi pickup from our dock. We have the skills to get you the best rates! Expedited shipments not a problem! We will track let you know when it arrives at the designated destination.

Pottery Classes

We offer classes in Clay! With our resident potter, you may learn hand-turning of ware, hand-building, and/or sculpture in our studio. Our classes are small, comprehensive, and guide you through all processes from start to finish. Includes clay, tools, glazing, firing, and studio access.

Custom Items/3-D Printing

We can design your idea! If you have a function coming up and are needing an order of custom ceramic items, we can help. We employ a rapid prototype service utilizing our own 3-D printer with endless capabilities. For instance, if you need a piece shaped like a particular production item, contact us and we can do it in ceramic. Equipment, tools, you name it. Our CAD software is utilized to come up with the design, then sent to the 3-D printer for replication. A mold is then made for ceramic duplication. Size capabilities are approx 8″ X 8″. This process utilized for multiple pieces only though, as production costs would be more than just making one item. If you require a one-off single raw prototype, we can design and send it to you for development yourself…Also, if you already have an item that you would like reproduced in quantity, we have an In-House 3-D scanner we will utilize to get a positive image, then send to the 3-D printer for duplication and production purposes. If you think you might be interested in this application, call us to discuss!