Wholesale / Dealers

We welcome vendors & dealers!

Wholesale distribution is available for all businesses with a valid Tax ID number. We DO NOT print an overall catalog. Most of our wholesale items are available on a cash and carry basis. We would be happy to sign you up when you come in to shop, or you may pre-register with us by just sending your name, company name, address, and your VALID business TID resale number & we will get you on file.

We are also a major distributor for pottery lines out of Mexico, including colorful Talavera Pottery. We can broker full or partial truckloads, taking care of all logistics including Mexican and US customs. We do have a catalog on the Talavera line, so contact us if you require one.

For larger regular orders and truck freight, please e-mail or call.

Email: info@zanesvillepottery.com
Phone: 740-872-3345 or at 800-860-6456.